Bracken Village, Texas


Bracken Village

A wonderful collection of restored homes, the village hosts a large variety of gift shops and eating establishments. The developer of the village has done a marvelous job of restoring the historic homes.

As you walk about you will feel as though you are taking a stroll through a Hill Country park. Tall, spreading llive oaks shade the paths. The grounds are landscaped. The shops are each unique and each is differently stocked to follow its own theme.


Bracken Cafe

Bracken Store Cafe

Home of the Best Burgers in Texas. Here they make them by hand from fresh Texas ground beef and serve them only in one-half pound size. I like the one covered in bean dip and heaped with fritos, jalapenos on the side. The small size serving onion rings covers your plate.

Watch for the train at noon. They stop it on the tracks across the parking lot so the train crew can get their burgers.

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