Dallas, Texas


As you approach "Big D" from the south you come to a flood plain. Crossing it you only need to look up to see the view at the left. When you fly up to Dallas at night the skyscrapers are lit and have the passengers hugging the windows to get the best views..

Most of the notable architecture in Dallas is modernist and postmodernist. I. M. Pei's Fountain Place, the Bank of America Plaza, Renaissance Tower, and Reunion Tower. Examples of postmodernist architecture include the JPMorgan Chase Tower and Comerica Bank Tower.

Southfork Ranch

The ranch is now an event and conference center. Tour visitors are welcomed.

Famous as the filming location for the "Dallas" television series, Southfork Ranch is known the worldwide as America's most famous ranch.



Las Colinas

The photo at the left is of the famous Mustangs of Las Colinas splashing across the fountain meant to symbolize mustangs fording a Texas stream. It is considered to be the world's largest equestrian sculpture covering an area the size to two football fields.

Texas scholar, J. Frank Dobie: "These horses bore Spanish explorers across two continents. They brought to the plains Indians the age of horse culture. Texas cowboys rode them to extend the ranching occupation clear to the plains of Alberta. Spanish horse, Texas cow pony, and mustang were all one in those times when, as sayings went, a man was no better than his horse, and a man on foot was no man at all...."

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