Fredericksburg, Texas


John O. Meusebach was the leader of the German immigrants that settled Fredericksburg, Texas in 1846. Word soon spread back to Europe about the beauty of the land and a total of four German cities were quickly settled. In adddition to Fredericksburg the Germans settled San Marcos, New Braunfels, and Comfort.

Downtown Fredericksburg is comprised of older buildings which retain the traditional styles of Germany with the addtions of a rural Texas flair. In addition to the knockwurst and potato salad you'll find bar-b-que and beans, and levis along with the lederhosen.



The National Museum of the Pacific War

The National Museum of the Pacific War is the only institution in the continental United States dedicated exclusively to telling the story of the Pacific Theater battles of World War II.

Visitors learn the very personal stories of all kinds of Americans from all branches of the military involved in the long struggle to fight aggression in the Pacific. Exhibits and dioramas make history come alive. Included are personal effects from those who made history in the Pacific, aircraft and battleship remnants, art, and other rare treasures.

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