Luling, Texas

Saw Mill

Zedler's Mill

Located on the banks of the San Marcos River is the historic Zedler Mill. The mill is a huge reconstruction project that the city of Luling has undertaken. The mill has several out building also being restored.

Its site along the San Marcos River is very picturesque and the mill has served as a movie filming site.

The public is welcomed to the park around the mill. The San Marcos River provides a great canoe and kayak experience.

Luling Rios Oil Field

In the year 1922 on August 9,
Edgar B. Davis’ Rafael Rios No.1
blew in, opening an oil field measuring 12 miles long and 2 miles wide.

The Rios No. 1 proved to be a part of one of the most significant and richest oil fields discovered in the Southwestern United States.

Good-by cotton fields, hello oil. And, hello growth, development, new citizens, and rapid development.

Oil Field

Luling Watermelon Festival

Yes, that is the city water tower painted like a watermelon. Luling is the watermelon capital of Texas. The "World Famous Watermelon Festival" is held each June and includes a watermelon seed spitting contest for which there is both a ribbon and a prize. All over town you will find "watermelon" signs.

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