Ranches of Texas


Dude Ranches

In Texas there are hundreds of Dude Ranches of all sizes, ages, histories, with varied amenities that provide a ranching experience to vacationers.

These ranches spread across the state from Houston to El Paso offering a wide variety of experiences.

Pictured to the right is the Prude Ranch of West Texas near Fort Davis. Here they have everything from horses to a dance hall.


Ranch House

Working Ranches

On the left is the actual living room of a working texas cattle ranch that specializes in breeding purebred longhorn cattle.

The items in the picture come from the ranch, not a flea market. Much history is in the picture. The walls of this room are made from local Texas rock.

Here the spurs clink on the stone floors and the horses have work to do.

Today's Ranches

Yes, ranches are changing.

The new modern ranches can be tourist destinations and some may be classed as resorts located in rural areas.

The rooms can be authentic or cabins, or like hotel rooms. You may opt for ranches with golf courses, massage parlors, or hot tubs.

It will be your choice if you want to ride a horse or take a hayride drawn by a tractor with no hay to scratch your legs.

Ranch Pool

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