The Art of Dionicio Rodriguez

San Antonio, Texas


The Oriental Gate
The Japanese Tea Garden

Rodriguez's technique involved carving and tinting concrete so that it looked just like real wood.

Although he worked with the aid of assistants, he never gave away his secrets as to how he accomplished his art. He died in 1955 taking his secrets with him.

The gate is incredibly detailed. It looks like wooden logs holding up a stylized Oriental roof. It is often mistaken to be made of wood even after being touched. It is not. It is concrete.

Oriental Gate


The Log Bridge

A large structure build by Dionicion Rodriguez early in his carerr is this bridge made of concrete. The floor boards, the sides, the roof logs are all made of concrete.

The bridge spans a small creek at the north end of Brackenridge Park. Near the far end it makes a small turn giving it an "L" shape.

Completely outside and exposed to the elements and not getting much use as we drive by it on the road beside it, it is often dusty and looks a bit worn. You are free to walk across it today. This photo was made standing in the street and looking west.

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