Fiesta Texas


While there are many "Fiesta Texas's" two stand out in San Antonio -- the park known as Six Flags Fiesta Texas and the BIGGEST party you can imagine known as Fiesta. Here is a little about each of them.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

There are Thrill Rides, Kid Rides, Family Rides, and an entire Water Park to keep you cool. The ride on the right is called Poltergeist. I think there are 19 rides of this type plus great entertainment in 6 theaters including famous entertainers. Add souvenir shopping and lots of unique foods and you have a memorable trip for everyone.

Six Flags
Fiesta Ladies

Fiesta San Antonio

100 events ● 11 days ● 1 Fiesta!

Every spring in mid-April San Antonio celebrates for 11 days with no let up. There are 3 major parades and countless smaller ones. There are major and minor festivals within Fiesta. Look for concerts, coronations, athletic events, art exhibits, and everything else one can imagine. It is a special time to be in San Antonio. It is not a time to catch up on your rest. Get a schedule and plan your days and your nights --

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