Hemisphere Park

San Antonio, Texas


Hemisphere Park
Hemisfair Park

Originally built for the 1968 HemisFair the creation of the park and the fair helped to revitalize downtown San Antonio and begin the process of building it into the tourist city that it is today.

Hemisphere Park is a greenscape within the heart of downtown San Antonio. Among its many features are a water garden, the Tower of the Americas, a huge playground built by citizens for the children, The Institute of Texan Cultures sponsored by the University of Texas, The Instituto Cultural Mexicano, branch campuses of Texas A & M and of the University of Mexico, a cluster of old German houses, and the Federal Courthouse which served as the United States Pavilion during Hemisfair 1968.

The grounds are used each June for a celebration of Texas Folk Cultures at which Texans come together to celebrate the origins that have influenced them and made them the amalgam of peoples that they are today.


Instituto Cultural Mexicano

Visual arts, exhibits, concerts, lectures, workshops and movies are used by the Instituto to promote Mexican culture and strengthen the ties of friendship and understanding between both countries.

The Olmec Head sculpture is one of several that surround the Instituto and is a favorite with the children to climb on.

Water Gardens

Water Gardens

The Gardens surround the base of the Tower of the Americas. Walkways and stairs wind through them. The gentle noise of the fountains is a joy to sit beside. Groups and brides come here to have their pictures taken. And, yes, children cannot resist the temptation to play that the waters provide.

Tower of the Americas

The 750-foot-tall Tower of the Americas offers the most breathtaking view of the Alamo City! Glass-fronted elevators whisk you up to the top of the tower from which you can explore 360 degrees of viewing.

As fun as that may be, you may also dine at the Tower’s revolving Landry's Restaurant. Great views, great food, and excellent ambiance.

You may enjoy a Texas-themed 4-D, multi-sensory movie about Texas at the base of the tower. It's a hoot and soooo Texas.

Perhaps a Starbuck's on the patio overlooking the water garden? Maybe a trip to the gift shop for souvenirs?

The Tower has become a destination within Hemisphere Park.

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