Art of Jesse Trevino

San Antonio, Texas


Spirit of Healing
Santa Rosa Children's Hospital

Jesse Treviño, hometown, San Antonio, was a most promising artist before he lost his painting hand in Vietnam. His successful struggle to adapt and learn to paint with his remaining hand has been an inspiration to other amputees.

Mr. Treviño is a photorealist capturing his world as he sees it. He paints the neighborhoods and people he has known from childhood with warmth and sincerity, portraying the beauty of the barrios.

He hs become one of the most well-known Hispanic artists in the nation. Two of his paintings are in the Smithsonian's American Art Museum.

Mr. Treviño is also known for his murals and mosaics. His "Spirit of Healing", on Santa Rosa Children's Hospital is shown at the left. This mural consists of 150,000 ceramic tile pieces and is 90 feet tall. It is one of the largest murals in North America.




The Lions Mural

Across Santa Rosa Street from Museo Alameda and the Mercado on the side of what once was a drug store Mr. Trevino replaced a city landmark of a simple lion picture with this huge mosaic of painted tiles.

Jesse Trevino is portrayed in the lower right part of the picture frame.

Veladora or the Candelaria

This is Mr. Trevino's tribute to those victims lost on September 11. It is located at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center on Guadalupe Street.


The Mural at Casa Navarro

This 40 foot mural of painted tiles was created by Jesse Trevino and his wife Elizabeth Rodriguez. It is located on South Dolorosa Street beside Casa Navarro near South Laredo Street in what was once know as Laredito, Little Laredo. Here in an area undergoing redevelopment you will find this mural that depicts much of what once was in Old San Antonio. It is like a window into our past that you can walk along and look into.

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