King William Historical District

San Antonio, Texas


In the late 1800s, this was the most elegant neighborhood in the city. Today it is an idyllic historic district of large, impressive houses shaded by pecan and cypress trees.

The Steves Homestead, pictures top left, is a museum open to the public. The Guenther House, pictured bottom left, is a restaurant, gift shop, and museum also open to the public. Both were 19th-century residences of wealthy German families and entrepreneurs.

King William occupies land that was once irrigated farm land belonging to the Mission San Antonio de Valero, the Alamo. Upon secularization, the land was given to the Indians who sold it.

The area was subdivided into lots in the 1860s and laid out with the present streets. It was about this time that a great many Germans who had immigrated to Texas in the 1840s began to settle in this area and it became known as "Sauerkraut Bend" to the rest of San Antonio.

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