Legal Murals of the Barrio

San Antonio, Texas


Cassiano Homes Area

In total there were over 200 murals painted on the ends of the public housing buildings in the Cassiano Homes area. Built in the 1950's the 500 units were painted with murals in the 1980's. These legal murals are like a history lesson into the origins of the Mexican-American cultures in south Texas.

The mural to the left commemorates the arrival of the Spanish off Veracruz, Mexico.

San Anto Cultural Arts
Community Mural Program

This nationally recognized Mural/Public Art program works to identify, train and give opportunity to the artistically inclined, They create within the community murals that are public art pieces. Today's murals show a great deal more color and violence with their themes that are meaningful in today's Barrio.

At this time they have completed about 40 murals and currently have new murals in various phases of the mural process.

The mural to the right was photographed at the corner of Chupaderas & Guadalupe Sts. Artists are Cruz Ortiz & Juan Ramos completd it July 16, 1994.

Educacion was created as a response to the perceived gang violence and drive-by shooting epidemic of the Westside during the early ‘90s. This first mural sends a message of hope and dignity through socio-cultural identity and education.

Brighter Day
Purple Heart

These two murals from the artists of the San Anto Cultural Arts program are labeled "Brighter Day" and "You are Not Forgotten."

Guests are welcomed at their headquarters on El Paso Street. Tours can be booked through San Anto Cultural Arts for a small fee.


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