The Riverwalk

San Antonio, Texas


Tranquility of the Riverwalk

Many of our favorite memories are of strolling along the tranqil riverwalk in the dappled shade of a morning.

Here a tourist barge passes under the Robert Hugman Bridge. He was the Riverwalk's original architect and promoter and builder. To the right is the beautiful La Mansion del Rio Hotel.


Riverwalk food

Eating on the Riverwalk

What fun it is to coast along the riverwalk listening to the music and consulting the menus posted by the restaurants. Lunch or dinnertime, the riverwalk wakes and begins to really buzz.

To the left we have the Spirit of Texas under the Lone Star umbrellas. To the right is the Zuni Grill.

In the middle you see the little point that sticks out into the river providing a place from which to look in all directions and take those special pictures.

The Riverwalk at Night

At night the Riverwalk's 200 restaurants and bars come alive with lights, noise, and people. The barges carry dinner parties. People move from venue to venue seeking entertainments.

The colors of night are beautiful any time of year, but special during the holiday season when thousands and thousands of lights and luminarias create a fairy land.

The Christmas creche comes to San Antonio by barge. So does Santa and his raindeer. It was the riverwalk that held the triumphant parade of the Spurs after winning each NBA championship.

The Riverwalk is our Main Street - often imitated, but never matched.


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