Spanish Governor's Palace

San Antonio, Texas

Palace Patio

The Spanish Governor's Palace Patio

This National Historic Landmark the National Geographic Society has called "the most beautiful building in San Antonio."

Located on the Plaza de Armas the Spanish Governor's Palace was home to the highest ranking official of the Spanish government in San Antonio. That person was the Presidio Captain. The soldiers quartered nearby protected Mission San Antonio de Valero - The Alamo.

The Spanish Governor's Palace wasn't really a palace and no governor ever lived there.

Stairs to the Loft
Spanish Governor's Palace

Today, the Spanish Governor's Palace is the only example of an 18th-century Spanish aristocratic home remaining in Texas. The one-story stucco building features 10 rooms with period furnishings, a courtyard, and a fountain that is said to be haunted.

These stairs are a focal point to people. No, there is not real second floor. Up the stairs is a small area of storage. Still, it's graceful curve is one of the most photographed parts of the Governor's Palace.

Palace Stairs
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