The Alamo

Mission San Antonio de Valero

San Antonio, Texas


San Antonio de Valero -- the Alamo

Welcome to the church commonly called the Alamo. The actual mission grounds are larger. If reconstructed today as it once was they would have to remove blocks of businesses, the post office, and a hotel. The first floor of the long barracks has been preserved and is open.

Behind the church is a garden with a reconstructed acequia. A huge oak in the Convento Courtyard spreads over the old well. The Cavalry Courtyard is now used for storytelling by docents. Be sure to leave enough time for the Wall of History.

The Arcade

The stone walls and arches are reconstructions from the 1920's designed to protect and define the site. Their design lends beauty and an atmosphere that takes you back to another time.

Alamo Dusk

Alamo at Sunset

The Alamo church faces west. As the sun goes down the stones becomes golden in the fading light. It is a beautiful time to be in front of the Alamo.

Look closely at the picture. You do not see any buildings behind the Alamo church. This is by design. No building is allowed to be visible by being built so high as to cast a shadow on the Alamo.

When people come to visit many are surprised to find the Alamo located in the middle of downtown San Antonio. That is where it has always been for the people of Texas.

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