West Texas

Wind Farm

Desert Sky Wind Farm
Iraan, Texas

Tthe opportunity for generating additional electricity from the wind is huge.Wind power is the fastest growing source of new power.

Desert Sky is rapidly expanding and is currently the largest wind farm in the United States. The windmills extend for 20 miles along Interstate 10 in West Texas.

Outdoor Cooking Texas Style

To the right is an update of cooking over a traditional campfire.

A big brass saucer keeps the ashes corralled. A metal shield holds back the winds. Mesquite wood burns slow and hot and scents the air. The pot hangs over the fire on its metal road. The kettle gets very black. The water boils and ashes still get in it.

Why does the coffee just taste better when made this way? Why do we gather about the fire on a hot day? Why do we stand around and let ashes get on us? It just feels good doesn't it.



Typical Texas Foods

Some of the best wines in the United States are made in Texas of local grapes. We are the third largest wine producing state in the United States.

Also a staple is bar-b-qued ribs. They also bbq sausages, turkey legs, turkey breast, brisquit, hams, bacon sides, you name it-- even vegetables.

Each cook creates their own original sauce. Texas has sent thousands of bottles of homemade bar-b-que sauce (with a hint of mesquite) to our overseas troops. It's a little bit of Texas we send in each bottle.

There are many breweries in Texas. Lone Star, Pearl, and Shiner Bock are just a few of the originals. Lots of beer disappears every year at German Octoberfest.

Blue Bell makes the best ice cream in the country. Texas A & M bred the best onions.

A wild variet of beans and many different potato salads accompany every Tex or Mex or Tex-Mex meal.

River Ferries

Once upon a time this was the way the rivers in Texas were crossed. Settlers used them to get their covered wagons across. Sam Houston used them to get his army that fought for Texas freedom across.

These ferries still exist today and still enable vehicles and farm products to cross our many rivers. You will find them in remote areas as well as in many spots along the Rio Grande.

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