Wimberly, Texas


Flea Markets

Wimberly is known for its huge flea market held the first weekend of each month. Booths are permanent as well as portable and can cost thousands of dollars. They are as unique and one-of-a-kind as the imaginations of their Texas owners can create. The picture to the right is of the popcorn booth. The big wooden paddle mixes the caramel corn which is sold in bags so large they resemble garbage bags.

Wimberley is the granddaddy. The whole town is involved. Special parking lots have been created. Traffic is impossible and saved only by its Texas Friendliness. Lunch is a real Texas Bar-b-que treat with live music. The Lions Club is in charge and hard they do work to make money for their charities.

Flea markets are big in Texas. They are found all over the state. Some are based on crafts, others on clearing out lots of merchandise. Canton sponsors one that filled the town until it overflowed. Merchants line the highways for miles in all directions.

Google Texas Flea Markets. There are multiple lists of them on the internet.



Wimberly's Texas Style

Pictured is a typical sales building, one of many you will find lining the walkways that wind through the trees on the grounds of Wimberly Market Days.

I can not go home without a big bag of kettle corn from the guy above. It smells so good. I get a bag every time and munch, munch, munch.

There is the Pie Lady, the Plant Guy, the people who sew, or weld, or carve, or shell gather, or just name it -- over 500 vendors.

Winberly Market Days

You can find most anything here. If they can imagine it, they have found it, and brought it to sell here.

I may be laughing, but I think he is serious about buying one of these.

Well, why not! Looks like a deer with antlers. How about those longhorn horns?

Market Days

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