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Hartford Elizabeth Rose Garden
West Hartford

The two and a half acre rose garden is composed of some 15,000 bushes that form the center piece of Elizabeth Park. The Rose Garden is known throughout the world.

The entire park covers 102 acres with many garden areas, pathways, greenhouses, lawns, picnic grove, pond and recreation areas.

Gillette Castle
East Haddam

Atop the most southerly hill in a chain known as the Seven Sisters, William Hooker Gillette, actor, director, and playwright, built this 184 acre estate.

The focal point of his effort was a 24 room medieval castle. Built of local fieldstone supported by a steel framework, it took 20 men 5 years (1914-1919), to complete. The woodwork is hand-hewn southern white oak. Of the 47 doors within, no two are exactly the same.

Gillette Castle
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