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Black Sand

Black Sand Beaches

The sand is actually small, smooth, lava pebbles. Punaluu Beach is the most famous black sand beach in the islands. Enjoy the scenery, explore the black sand beach, watch the sea turtles, picnic under the palm trees, or swim or snorkel. If that doesn't work for you -- sleep your afternoon siesta right here.


Whether you rent a condo, an apartment, or a hotel, or even if you camp, a chaise lounge on a deck overlooking the water is idealic for reading, meditation, and letting the stresses of the world drop away from you. The blues of the Pacific and the sky and the only noises the sea and the wind -- this is a place to unwind and escape.


Floral Leis

Everyone gets one when they arrive. They are so much enjoyed. In the rest of the world they make them of everything from paper to plastic to feathers. In Hawaii they make them of beautiful and real flowers and greens. The scents are real. Welcome to the Islands of Hawaii.

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