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Angel Mounds State Historical Park

For a thousand years, Southwestern Indiana was home to Native Americans. Angel Mounds State Historic Site is recognized as one of the best preserved prehistoric Native American sites in the United States. A town of thousands on this site was home to people who hunted and farmed on the rich bottom lands of southwestern Indiana.

Angel Mounds

Amish Families

The first large group of Amish arrived in America in 1730. They came because of the United States' promise of religious tolerance. The Amish population in the U.S. numbers more than 150,000 and growing, due to large family size (seven children on average) and a church-member retention rate of approximately 80%.

Indianapolis 500 Race

The cars move so fast (somewhere over 200 mph) that you can't take a picture of one unless there is a problem. About a quarter million attend every year. Televised worldwide and in HD is there anyone in the developed world who has not seen at least a part of this race?

500 Race
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