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Mackinaw Island

Lake, rocks, sailboats, and beautiful Mackinaw Island where only bicycles and horses are allowed. There are really two Mackinaw Islands.

The first one is a crowded village full of fudge shops, souvenir shops, ferry boats, and hoards of day trippers that come by the thousands. They leave with bags full of t-shirts and sunburned faces and tugging screaming kids.

Mackinaw Island

Mackinaw Island

This is the other Mackinaw Island -- the Mackinaw Island of Bed and Breakfasts, and gardens and restaurants that overlook the lake. Air conditioning is not required in the cool of the lake here. You just need a room with a view, a table out front with an umbrella, and a banana daiquiri. Here you can truly get away from it all and relax.

Bavarian Inn

Here in the palm of the hand that is the shape of Michigan you will find a liitle of German Bavaria. The village is unabashed and purely aimed at vacationers and tourists. The streets are lined with everything from family style chicken dinner restaurants, to Christmas themed shops, to chocolate factories, to German bakeries smelling of stollen bread.

Frankenmuth Bavarian

Cass River Bank

Lined with weeping willows the Cass River flows through Frankenmuth behind the tourist street of shops. A covered bridge crosses it. River Boats gives tours up and down it.

In the fall the banks of the river are heaped with piles of gigantic hubbard squash waiting their turn to be served with the Chicken Dinners of Frankenmuth.


The Tulips of Holland

On the southern shores of Lake Michigan is a little Dutch town called Holland.

Another unabashed tourist town this one has a spring festival of flowers, wooden shoes, and windmills.

National Forests

The Ottawa, the Hiawatha, and the Huron - Manistee are national forests in the upper half of Michigan. There are state forests as well. In the spring wildflowers rise. The green can be so green that it hurts your eyes.


The Great Lakes

Four of the five -- Lakes Michigan, Superior, Huron, and Erie touch the State of Michigan. They serve as a highway for heavy bulky commodities with their multiple fleets of freighters that ply the lakes.

Shipping has given rise to a ring of lighthouses and nautical museums that ring the state. While you are trekking, stop in for a Michigan White Fish dinner and a fresh baked pasty meat pie..

A Word About Cars

Once the automotive center of the world, Michigan still is home to General Motors, the Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler Corporation. Famous automobile executives like Henry Ford, Lee Iacocca, and Ransom E. Olds invented and innovated here where the auto industry began.

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