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Moss and Live Oaks

States like Mississippi just drip with Spanish Moss. Spanish-moss, also called Florida moss, long moss, or graybeard, is not a true moss.

Spanish-moss does not have any roots. It uses its long, thin, scaly stems to wrap around the host tree and hang down from the branches. The leaves are covered with scales that catch moisture and nutrients from the air and from pockets on the surface of the host tree.

Love it or hate it, both are everywhere in the deep south of Mississippi.


Antebellum homes and southern manners abound along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

You'll find them interspersed with casinos -- the Beau Rivage, the Grand, the Isle of Capri, the Hard Rock, Treasure Bay and others.

What a contrast. glitz and glamour on one side of the street and old charm and gentility and on the other.

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