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St Louis Gateway Arch

The Arch has been labeled as symbolizing the gateway to the historical American West. It was through this port on the bank of the Mississippi River that so many left to explore, exploit, and settle the American continent.

At 630 feet high this graceful sweeping tapered curve of stainless steel is the tallest memorial in the United States.

The structure was conceived by the famous architect Eero Saarinen. He designed it in 1947. Construction was completed in 1966.

Inside the arch is a tram system that will give you a ride to the Top of the Arch from which you can look out though windows and see for miles and miles.

Precious Moments

Precious Moments Park

Thirty years artist Sam Butcher began drawing the teardrop-eye children he called "Precious Moments" as gifts for family and friends.

In Carthage Mr. Butcher built the chapel he had envisioned for so long. Today the beautiful Chapel is open to the public. Around every turn are murals, angels, stained glass, and other bits of Sam’s artwork.

Surrounding the Chapel is Precious Moments Park. Over the years, Sam has added much to see and do that reflect his faith. The Fountain of Angels, Wedding Island, The Gallery and Gift Shop all make the Park experience especially energizing and renewing.

Grandma's House
Precious Moments Grounds

Located on an island in the river that curves behind Sam Butcher's Chapel is the little house known as Grandma's House. The little house is in keeping with Mr. Butcher's beliefs that family should be an important part of anyone's life.


Lake of the Ozarks

Right smack dab in the middle of the State of Missouri is a beautiful Lake created by daming the Osage River. There among the flooded tributaries are homes and towns, resorts and a style of living and peacefulness unmatched in the USA. The Lake and its many parks run for over 100 miles along the twists and turns and hills of the central Ozarks of Missouri. What a fabulous man-made Eden has been created.

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