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Going to the Sun Road
Glacier National Park

Cutting through the center of the million acres that is Glacier National Park is a spectacular highway called the Going to the Sun Road. Seemingly carved out of the sides of mountain slopes it twists and turns until it reaches the top at Logan Pass. In between the tranquility of the historic wooden lodges you may tour in a historic, ragtop red bus or float on a lake as you breathe the clean mountain air.

Glacier Park Lodge and Resort
Glacier National Park

Huge Douglas fir pillars over 40 feet high and over 40 inches in diameter form the supports in the impressive lobby of this Lodge. The Blackfeet Indians, awed by the size of the timbers called it "Omahkoyis", or Big Tree Lodge. With a heated outdoor swimming pool, nine-hole golf course and close proximity to Glacier National Park, Glacier Park Lodge and Resort is awestern theme lodge along the main line of the Burlington Northern Railroad. Yes, you can get there by train.

East Glacier

The Wide Open Spaces of Montana

Eastern Montana is flat. As you proceed west the foothills of the Rockies rise. The land is mainly dry. Once into the Rockies and into Glacier National Park the mountains are covered in forests. When you come down the western slope of the Rocky Mountains you find that moisture from the prevailing westerlies has been trapped by the peaks. You find ample rain, lots of lakes, and tall forest cut by rushing streams.

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