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Zion National Park

Many think of the gorge with the mountains all around and the valley within.. Some think of the river cut through the rock in its deep canyon. I remember the drive in past the wind and water eroded rock formations that look like large dollops of pink and white whipped cream.


Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce is famous for its unique rock structures. Carved by erosion, wind, rain, and frost-wedging the rock shapes are colorful limestone formations. There are bizarre shapes, slot canyons, windows, fins, and spires that are called hoodoos. The bake golden in the hot summer sun.

Bryce Canyon

Bryce is a canyon that you approach from the rim to look down into. From the top you can spot the paths such as the Navajo Trail and walk between the monoliths. If you are lucky, you may ride a horse yourself or catch sight of a string of horses making their way through the canyon.

Bryce Canyon
Utah Highway

Utah Highways

Utah is also highways. Some of the most interesting highways cut though passes and seem to cling to impossible mountain sides. Others go through pine forests. Utah is a state that nature truly took a special interest in.

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