Washington DC
United States of America


The Capital Building

Symbol of the power and freedoms inherit in the United States, this building is often thought of when one visualizes Washington DC.

The United States Capitol has housed the meeting chambers of the House of Representatives and the Senate for two centuries.

It stands today as a monument to the American people and their government.



National Mall

Envisioned by Pierre L'Enfant's, commissioned by George Washington, the mall was created for national remembrance.

Important attractions found along the Mall, from east to west:
- US Capitol
- National Gallery of Art
- National Air and Space Museum
- National Museum of Natural History
- Smithsonian Castle
- National Museum of Amer. History
- Washington Monument
- World War II Memorial
- Vietnam Memorial
- Korean War Veterans Memorial
- Lincoln Memorial

- Jefferson Memorial
- Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial

Bicycling in Washington

Around Washington DC there are hundred of miles of paved trails through some of the most beautiful parks, along the Potomac, and through the heart of DC itself. Hundreds of rental agencies, thousands of bicycle clubs, and readily available bicycling maps make this not only a sport, but also a way to commute to work in our nation's capitol.

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