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Pike's Market

Visit the Market in the morning when vendors are setting up, and the place is fresh and full of energy. By afternoons the the tourists can crowd the market.

The Market is 100 years old and has become a famous popular destination.. Fish, fruit, flowers, produce, and street vendors thrive here. Everyone complains about the crowds and just keeps coming back. Starbucks began here. Check out the few souvenir shops and the overpriced junk, and just go with it.

Pike's Market


The Artistry of
Dale Chihuly

The Museum of Glass in Tacoma is a not to be missed treat. Beginning here you can follow a walking tour of Dale Chihuly's works through downtown Tacoma.

The picture to the left was taken during an exhibit of his work here in San Antonio.

Mille Fiori

A little piece, a small detail, of the huge Mille Fiori art piece created by Dale Chihuly for the Tacoma Art Museum is shown at right. The attention to detail, the vibrant colors, the massive size, the imaginative uniqueness-- are all Dale Chihuly. Go to Tacoma and see for yourself.

Milli Fiori
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