Fiji Islands


Fiji Islands

The Islands were a British Colony until 1970. Since then a number of coups have destabilized and restabilized Fiji.

Blessed with a beautiful climate, Fiji also has forests, fishing, and mining. The biggest income generators are sugar production and tourism. The European Union recently withdrew Fiji's favored nation subsidies unti lfree elections are held.

The gardens pictured are from the grounds of the Sheraton Denaru. Denaru is an island complex of luxury hotels much frequented by Australians and New Zealanders and some Americans.

The hotels have in common balconies that provide restful views of pools, ocean, and flowering gardens.



Fire Dances

Fijian Fire Dancers

Each evening as dark falls floating lights appear in the pools. Soon the bars fill and the darking light is accompanied by the beating of drums. The Fire Dancers appear and begin to swing on the ends of ropes flaming fire pots. And, so an evening begins at the luxury resorts of Denaru.

Gardens and the Wedding Chapel

The grounds of Denaru allow you to wander from one area into another and go from hotel to hotel.

Huge banks of flowers, and expanses of green lawn surround the walkways.

Here pictured is the wedding chapel, built just for the honeymooners who wish a destination wedding in a beautiful and lush place.

Wedding Chapel



Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple

Approximately 1/3 of Fiji's people are from India and known as Indo-Fijians. The temple pictures is from their Hindu culture. The temple is of carved wood to precise Hindu measurements. The many colors used to paint it are applied by hand, piece by piece.

The Indians were brought to Fiji by the British during the colonial days for the purpose of working the sugar cane. Many came as indentured servants.

Today there is still political turmoil as the Indians fight for equal rights and the Polynesians fight to maintain control.



The people are what make a visit to Fiji special. They are happy with ready smiles that welcome you.

They work had in the service industries and in farming which is not well mechanized.


The Ladies of Veseisei

Veseisei is promoted as the oldest settlement in Fiji. It is believed that it was established by Lutunasobasoba when the first Melanesian canoes beached at nearby Vuda Point.

Today the people welcome visitors to view their home, church, school, and Chief's house.

The ladies I am pictured with sell jewelry to their visitors. And, they take American dollars!

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