Nicaragua was named for Chief Nicarao, who ruled from 1400s to 1500s. Nicaragua is a land of the Nicaraos, Chorotegas, Chontales and Miskitos, tribes of the Aztecs.

Christopher Columbus was the first European to explore Nicaragua. He landed here during his fourth and last journey to America.

The temperature does not change much year around unless you go up in elevation. There are many lakes, rivers, and marshes that flood during the rainy season.

They grow coffee, sugarcane, and cotton, mostly on the western side of the central mountains. Recently a textile and clothing industry has developed as the country strives for development.

Nicaragua River

Costa Rica Border

How I Got There

This is the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The stone marker and sign are on the banks of The San Juan (Spanish: Río San Juan) River.

We were here on a nature tour looking for monkeys and birds and crocs. We found lots of them all.

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