Panama Canal Zone

When the Panama Canal was built, 100 years ago, it was a marvel. But now, many big cargo ships are too big to go through.

Panama is in the middle of adding a third set of locks big enough to handle the new ships.

The new locks will be 1,400 feet long by 180 feet wide. The original locks are 1,000 feet long by 110 feet wide. The cost of the new locks is estimated to be between $15 billion and $25 billion.

Panama Canal

Kuna Kids

Panama Peoples

Panama was part of the Spanish Empire for 300 years until 1821.

Today's population: "mestizo (mixed Amerindian and white) 70%, Black (West Indian) 14%, white 10%, Amerindian 6%".

Starting in the 1970s, 130,000 have immigrated from China as well.


Kuna Molas

Kuna are an indigenous people of Panama. They are known for their Molas, a hand-sewn textile art form.

Tourists usually find themselves taken to the Kuna Marketplace to purchase them. The colorful Kuna mola embroidery depicts rainforest animals, symbols of Kuna life, and marine life


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