Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia is coming back better than ever. A clean and healthy country, it is quickly growing economically and re-earning its name the "Pearl of the Adriatic."

Dubrovnik is located at the extreme southern tip of the country. Its old city is encircled by stone walls that tourists love to walk atop. Fine restaurants, beautiful churches and museums are within the walls. Dubrovnik is home to playwrights, poets, painters, mathematicians, physicists, scholars, and artists.

Opatija, Croatia

The picture was taken without the use of any filters or special lens. It is the colors of the sun setting over the Adriatic. And, it is the view from the 12 kilometer long coastal promenade called the Lungomare where each evening the locals and the tourists gather to welcome the evening. The beaches and the hotels of the Croatian Riviera are to be envied.

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