Angers Castle

Angers Chateau

Gateway to the Loire Valley

Here in Anjou is the home of the Platagenets. The huge chateau has a fine collection of medieval tapestries that depict the Apocalypse.

The ancient moat has been converted to formal gardens filled with roses. Their beauty lies below slate and stone walls once 98 ft. high built between 1230-40 by Louis IX on a rocky hill right in the town center.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Located in the heart of Paris on the shores of the River Siene, each evening, on the hour, Gustave Eiffel's Tower glitters and sparkles with strobing lights that catch the attention of all of Paris.

This pictures was taken from the Trocadero across the river. There you get a view of the tower as the sparkles reflect off the pool in front of the museums.

And, there you will find both the tourists and the lovers awaiting these moments when the Tower shines before they go off to rollerskate the streets, see the shows at the Moulin-Rouge, or perhaps to enjoy a late night apertif.

Eiffel Tower
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