City on the Waal River

Nijmegen is a municipality and a city in the east of the Netherlands, near the German border. It is considered to be the oldest city in the Netherlands and celebrated its 2000th year of existence in 2005. A large university dominates the town

In the Netherlands there are miles of hiking trails and many hiking rallies. Bicycles and motor bikes also abound.

The Netherlands is known for the three great rivers that enhance the beauty of its countryside -- the Maas, the Waal, and the Rhine.

Airborne Museum

In September 1944 more than ten thousand British and Polish Airborne troops fought in and around Arnhem. Their objective was to take the Rhine Bridge. Only Seven hundred and fifty of them managed to reach the bridge. Waiting for reinforcements they fought for four days holding the Northern ramp. However, the rest of the force did not succeed in reaching them. They managed to hold out for five more days at Oosterbeek before finally making their way across the Rhine to Allied held ground. Only 2293 made it back to England.

The museum covers the air landings, the march to the bridge, the fierce fighting in Arnhem and Oosterbeek and the crossing of the river and honors those who fought and died to liberate the Netherlands.

Air Museum