This World Heritage Site is beautiful even in a rain. The rain made this picture more than I did with my camera.

"The Gateway to the Fjords of Norway" is an international city of history and tradition, a big city with small-town charm and atmosphere.






This deadend fjord is one that the Hutigruten ferries like to enter and spin on their axis to turn and come back out giving their passengers a bit of a thrill.

The steep walls and deep waters are what many people think of when they think of Norway.


This is the furthest north one can go on the mainland of Europe. Here the Norwegians have planted a globe, movie, visitor center, and sculptures.

The very ruggedness and bleakness and barrenness remind you that you are at the end of civilized lands.

Of course I went and bought a tshirt.


Atlantic Road


The Atlantic Road

This 8-kilometre long stretch of road runs between the towns Kristiansund and Molde in Fjord Norway.

The Atlantic Road zigzags across low bridges that jut out over the sea linking the islands with bridges and causeways.

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful road trips in the world.


This fishing village is located in the Lofoten archipelago northern Norway.

It's beauty makes it a tourist attraction. They have established a Art Museum and lots of small hotels. People come to climb the mountains and to dive and snorkel in the clear waters.

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