Heather Hills

Heather Covered Hills

"The Carpet of the Highlands" heather is called for the way in which it blankets the hillsides.

Beginning in ancient times this plant has been found to have more uses for every day Scottish life than any other. A typical dwelling in Scotland could be found to have heather used in the walls, thatch, beds, as fuel for fire, in floor coverings, ale, tea, baskets, as well as finding use in its medicine chest and dye pot, to sweep the house and chimney, to feed and bed down the sheep and cattle, and to weave into the fences around the farm.

And, if that is not enough, they make it into souvenir jewelry, pictures, knickknacks, and anything else the tourists will take with them.

The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club is recognized the world over (except in North America) as the governing body on the rules of golf.

From mediaeval times St Andrews was the ecclesiastical capital of Scotland. Today, its historic cathedral lies in ruins. More recently, the town has achieved fame as the "home of golf". It exercises legislative authority over the game worldwide except in the U.S. and Mexico.

Its beautiful links (acquired by the town in 1894) are the most frequent venue for The Open Championship, the oldest of golf's four major championships.

St. Andrews