Ontario, Canada


Ottawa, Canada's National Capital

The Province of Ontario is home to Ottawa and to several of Canada's major cities -- Montreal, London, Windsor, Sarnia, Hamilton, Barrie, Thunder Bay, and Timmons.

Ontario is also home to many of Canada's major industries -- agriculture, forestry, mining, trapping, and manufacturing. Ontario's economy includes commerce, banking, insurance, tourism, and government operations.

Niagara Falls

It is a world-famous set of waterfalls on the Niagara River. Ontario benefits from the fact that both falls can best be seen from the Canadian side of the river. This has resulted in a major tourist opportunity for Ontario.

You will find huge parking lots, souvenir shops, observation towers, high-rise hotels, casinos and theatres, restaurants, and a long promenade on the waterfront.

Niagara Falls
Fall Foliage


Fall Foliage

Changing colors and the special activities created to attract tourists account for more than one-million visitors to Ontario Parks in the fall.

Mid-September to late October is the prime time to travel to Ontario to view the flaming red of the maple trees, the deep yellow of the poplar, and white-barked birch trees.

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