Patzcuaro Basilica
Michoacan, Mexico

This historical mountain town is adorned with many fountains. A multitude of churches, plazas and shrines speak of the history here.

Patzcuaro is famous for its sidewalk cafes and great restaurants. Small and large market places line the plazas and ancient side streets. Woven tablecloths, trays, carved and finely painted furniture, and gold laminated handiwork are among the treasures to be found in this colonial setting.

Patzcuaro is a cultural and artisan center for the State of Michoacan, Mexico. The original name was "Tzacapu-ansucutinpatzcuaro" which is translated as "door to heaven."

Barrancas Lodge

Barrancas Lodge
Canyon de Cobre
(Copper Canyon)

One of the largest canyon systems in the world, Copper Canyon is a land of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, desert and forest. Here on the side of the cliff, you will find a hotel built with balconies from which you can watch the sunset and greet the dawn.

San Miguel de Allende


San Miguel de Allende

This central Mexican city is built for relaxing. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site a heritage site protected by the Mexican government in order to maintain its character.

It's a tourist destination, an art colony, and a retirement community for Americans, Canadians, and Europeans. Many Mexicans visit for special holidays.

It is enjoyable to explore the buildings and streets that have made San Miguel famous like La Parroquia and El Mirador. Movies like "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" and "And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself" were filmed here.


Zacatecas Walkway

The area's rich deposits of minerals including silver made this an important city that enriched Spain during Spanish years that followed Columbus' discoveries.

The area saw battles during the Mexican Revolution during the 1800's. This event is still celebrated annually in Zacatecas.

Today, the city is a World Heritage Site because of its Baroque architecture and other structures built with mining income. Mining remains an important industry.

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