República del Ecuador
"Republic of the Equator

Ecuador gets its name from the equator as it runs through Ecuador just north of the capital city of Quito. The spine of the Andes runs the length of the country. As such the climate is determined by your altitude and your closeness to the Pacific Ocean.


Ecuador's economy has taken off and really begun to grow in the last ten years. They are dependent on their oil resources, which make up half of their exports.

Ecuador also exports of bananas (first place worldwide in production and export), flowers, and cocoa. They also produce significant amounts of shrimp, sugar cane, rice, cotton, corn, palm, and coffee.




Quito, Ecuador's Capitol

At left is the classic picture taken of Quito. It is sits in the Andes surrounded by snowcapped Andean peaks. It is the gateway for people going to the Galapagos Islands. And it is worth a look see.

Quito's historic center is filled with churches, and monasteries and picturesque plazas. There are museums, restored mansions, and street cafes with views of the mountains and volcanos to enjoy.

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