Machu Picchu of Peru


Machu Picchu

Built by the Incas beginning around 1400, it was abandoned a hundred years later when the Spanish began their conquest. It stayed hidden until found in 1911 by American historian Hiram Bingham.

The ruins are under restoration and reclamation as Peru develops it as a tourist and historical site.

While Machu Picchu lies at 8,040 feet to reach it you must to higher to cross the mountains from Cusco which isat 11,800 feet and is the usual base to travel from.

Getting There

Only 2,500 visitors per day may enter Machu Picchu. And some structures within the site are further limited.

There is a new airport in Cusco and 130+ hotels. Perurail runs a spectacularly scenic train from there up the mountains to Aguas Calientes, which has seen rapid development.

Pictured is the Hiram Bingham Highway used by tour buses from the town of Aguas Calientes over the mountains to the site.

Road Up
Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Its presence has been known for 100 years now. Many of the artifacts taken upon its discovery have been preserved at Yale University.

Today Peru knows it has a tourist must-see. It has requested back its artifacts and has gone about the business of pushing back the jungle greenery and reclaiming the site.

Peru is in the process of preserving the ancient cities of Aqua Caliente and Cusco while developing the hotels, restaurants, and transportation facilities needed for tourism.

The Gardeners of Machu Picchu

The resident llamas are especially suited to go about the site keeping the grass mowed or eaten. They can reach areas that no gardener might find or reach. And they are very sure-footed. Over the years they have become tame and friendly to the tourists who snap their picture.

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